Affiliate Commission Discloser

In order to slack off do the yeoman’s work of creating useful, in-depth content that allows you to masquerade as semi competent product managers, we aim to place you in a hypnotic trance with our persuasive product management skills and manipulate your emotions to click on links so we earn a commission through clicks and/or affiliate purchases from the links in our articles.

And, as per the Amazon Operating Agreement, we must disclose that we participate in the Amazon Associates Programme.

Truth be told, buy something, don’t buy something. I honestly don’t care. What I can promise you is that we treat our advertisers and the makers of the software we review with the same irreverence as we do you, our reader. Which is still better than the contempt I hold for my step mother, who cost me 1000’s in therapy, and help shaped my brooding personality.

So, it should go without saying (but I will say it anyways) that my lack of interest in anyone’s opinion means you are going to get an unvarnished perspective on any product we review here. The good, bad and the ugly. We want you to feel confident that our disregard for anyone’s approval means that whatever we recommend, we think you will find it useful or at least somewhat useful.

The money earned from The Product Manager Tool Box goes to support myself in the lap of luxury (if I was living in the rural outback of some small central Asian country) while you scrape by learning how to be a competent product management “professional”.