Product Management Is Hard Work

So we give you the tools to make it less hard (and tell you things no one else will, no matter how politically incorrect it may seem)

Product Management is Time Intensive

Beyond the rigor of product management itself, each passing week brings a new slew of the “latest and greatest” product management tools, technologies, and platforms that promise to make your life easier.

The truth is you don’t have time to understand if these products live up to their promises and just blindly switching up your workflow can have disastrous consequences.

This is where The Product Manager’s Tool Box comes in.  We stress test different product management tools under live conditions, so you get insight into their strengths and weakness based on real use.


We are Your Product Lab

Want to know the ins and outs of a particular product management tool?   Want to know its quirks?  Think that you would think a tool should do, but doesn’t?

This is what find out.  As product managers, we know that nothing is more annoying than committing to product and working your way through the learning curve, only to find an short coming of the product that makes it too difficult to use.  We do this by generated tool reports and reviews based on our experiences using them to build products.


“Managing personalities is Just as Much A Part of Product Management as is Managing Features”

Product Management Is Technical

The reality of product management is that you are at the nexus of everything in your company, technical work, marketing, product design, executive management and sales.  The corollary to this fact is most people outside of software engineering are going to be looking to you for technical answers rather than software developers, because most people aren’t smart enough to parse what comes out of the average software developers mouth.  Plus, chances are you are way more out going than the average software developer.   And while you don’t need to know about recursion, object oriented programming or test driven development, be prepared to get asked about bugs and data.  And you better have answers.

Product Management Is Political

As a product manager, the more senior you get, the more you will be expected to make decisions and then defend them to senior management, so you better figure out how to get senior management to see your vision of the future, yet think they came up with the idea themselves.

But this also means keeping an eye on the trenches and making sure that proper decisions are being made below you, and this includes tool selection.